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Indiana Jones Quatro
June 12, 2008, 4:26 am
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EEHHHHHEE, I would rent it when it comes out, but not buy it.  Harrison does a wonderful job acting his age, unlike Sylvester Stalone in the new Rambo 12, who tried to look 10 years younger by injecting his entire body with Botox.  Anyway, I really enjoyed the first hour and a half of this movie. It felt like the Indiana of old.  Great acting and action, truly entertaining stuff.  The plot was strong for a while then…It got weird.  I won’t ruin it for you, but if you don’t care for aliens than you might want to stay away from this one. Yeah aliens! And not like new “cool” original ones, but old traditional ones.  That is why the last half of hour was lame for me, not lame enough to ruin the movie, but lame enough to say “eeehhhe” when I was walking out of the theatre.


Black Sheep
April 24, 2008, 1:35 am
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This image really says it all…if i write about this movie i am sure that i will be doing a disservice to the image, but here it goes.  When I was young my family and I went to a farm.  The farmer, who later on turned out to be possessed by the devil, told me, “stay away from the big sheep, they will hurt you.” Long story short I tried to pet the biggest sheep, (later named Ram Lamb).  He weighed about 250 pounds and since i was only in 3rd grade i only weighed about half that. He hit me in the back and knocked me out.  I awoke to him trampling over me and kicking me in the head.  So I hate sheep.  All I could remember was looking up and seeing this.

 That is why I was so intrigued by a film about genetically mutated sheep that go crazy and start eating people.  What is strange though is that I personally do not think that sheep need genetic mutation in order to go crazy or to eat people, but whatever.  This movie is not very good, but in the end all the sheep die. So that is why I highly recommend it to everyone who has been victimized by animals.

I want my blog to be an open forum for those of you who have had animal attacks, so please feel free to share….I was also bit by a monkey and 3 dogs…all separate occasions.



April 21, 2008, 12:33 am
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Or “Enchanted” for you gringos.  Watching this movie was like eating a really good doughnut. It tastes good, but you know, not only is it bad for you, but most of it’s flavor is not found in nature. In the same way the the false hope of the main character is supposed to be endearing, I found it false and indulging, if you will. At the same time, she was so full of hope and joy from her perfect Never Never Land, brainless, sunshine filled utopia that when she arrives in New York it is quite entertaining. This movie is funny in parts, were i  actually LOL-ed! It makes fun of itself and the fairy-tail cheese that we all grew up on comes to life again, this time to achieve 3 Academy award nominations if you can believe that shit.

Dan in Real life
April 17, 2008, 4:44 am
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The term “Romantic Comedy” can strike fear into the hearts of many.  Basically any film with Diane Keaton or Huge Grant has the propensity to make me want scratch out my eyes and fling my blind ass off of a large structure.  Most of these movies have several emasculating moments where a guy says things or does things that only girls think guys should do, when in reality if a guy actually did those things she would not only loose respect for him, but she would wonder why she was dating such a girl….Dan In Real Life was not like that at all.  It was a comedy, and it was romantic, but it was tasteful and well written.  It seemed real and awkward like most of Carells work.  I think a lot of comedians get type casted and it is hard for them to break out of the “funny” role, Steve did this early in his movie making career in Little Miss Sunshine, he is a comedian, but also is a very believable character in other roles. His acting in this movie made it funny, believable and basically made the movie.  It is a great pick for guys and girls alike.



April 3, 2008, 4:04 am
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951_atonement-pic.jpgThe thing that stuck out to me the most about this film was that it seemed honest.  A lot of WW2 or “Greatest Generation” era films make it seem like people back then were not only morally pure but also pure of heart. I also grew up with the perception that there was not very much immorality among this generation. I don’t know why I thought that, maybe it it because that generation always came across as the moral authority.  Over the years I have learned that this is not true, they just knew how to hide sin better, they knew how to keep face in front of others while their personal lives were filthy.  This is a total generalization and I do not mean all people. This does not have anything to do with bravery or what they sacrificed at Normandy, it has to do with inner lives, morality, and the standards that they set for their kids that they did not live up to themselves.  Atonement, with its 7 Academy nominations, destroyed this trend.  The film included fornication, a pedophile, and the “C” word both written and spoken.  It showed the honest inner thoughts and lives of a generation that is often misrepresented in other films.  It has some of the most beautiful screen shots I have seen all year.  The acting and the story line is incredible.  If you get a chance I recommend watching it.   

No Country for Old Men-Book Vs Film.
March 21, 2008, 12:59 am
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no_country_for_old_men-poster.jpgThis is one of the best books I have ever read. It is very unpolished, raw, and sincere. I don’t really know how to describe it, but the author did such a great job,  that you actually felt the blood and dust around you when you read it.  He wrote the thoughts of the main character like a hick would talk and you almost hear the accent, slurs and chew spit when you read it.  It was amazing.  He didn’t use hardly any punctuation which really showed the education level of the characters and the abruptness of the story.  This story pulls no punches.  If you have not seen the movie please do. It is almost word for word out of the book, which I really appreciate, because the book is hard to digest and the movie is exactly the same way. I also really liked how the main assassin did not have a beginning or end, he just appears in the story and then disappears.  The Coen Bro’s did nothing to doll it up or make it more presentable, it was just raw and left you feeling like you got punched in the stomach…in a good way. Let me know what you 

March 9, 2008, 6:19 am
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I will make this quick.  
1. Don’t watch it in the theatre and waste your money, but it is a good rental.
2. Good actors do not equal good movie.
3. Great plot idea, but it kept rewinding every 15 minutes and showing a different “vantage point.” Which would have been cool if every time they didn’t keep re-using the same video over and over.
4. I haven’t blogged for a while so i will just show a picture and rating of all the movies i have seen recently.
1-worth while, visually stunning, extra features amazing.
2. Not as good as the new one, but was exactly like the book, so i loved it.
 3.Complete shit. Judge me because i deserve it. 

4.Long, boring, not his best at all.